Polly Agatha – The Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter

Polly Agatha is a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter and is based on the Medina River in Cowes

History of the Bristol Pilot Cutters

The Bristol Channel is known to be one of the most difficult sea ways in the world with its strong tides narrow channels and short steep waves. Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters were developed over the years to sail efficiently in these waters, and the blue waters of the Western Approaches (Atlantic).

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Building Polly Agatha

Externally Polly Agatha is an exact replica of Peggy the original boat, all of the scantlings are the same as the original and the method of construction is also the same with only two exceptions. One is the use of bronze bolts and screws instead of the original iron centre line fixings and bronze nails for the planking to frame fixings.

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Polly Agatha Specification

Pilot Cutters were designed to take their crews out into the wildest seas and keep them safe and as comfortable as possible. At the end of their era it is not surprising that so many vessels became private yachts.

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What do I need to know about my day/weekend/holiday with Polly Agatha ?

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