Round the Island Race

Enjoy a Unique Sailing Experience in the World’s Largest Yacht Race.

Call Kim now to reserve your place on a fantastic full weekend yachting experience (June 30th – July 2nd), by participating in the largest yacht race in the world, sailing on a Bristol Pilot Cutter in one of the world’s largest sailing events in some of the best sailing waters!! Places are still available at £675 per person.

The Polly Agatha schedule includes joining on the Thursday evening, a practice day on the Friday, followed by the race itself on the Saturday, and then a gentle cruise on Sunday, all out of Cowes.

The annual Round the Island Race, organised by the Island Sailing Club, is a one-day yacht race around the Isle of Wight, an island situated off the south coast of England. The race regularly attracts over 1,600 boats and around 16,000 sailors, making it one of the largest yacht races in the world and the fourth largest participation sporting event in the UK after the London Marathon and the Great North and South Runs.

Competitors come from all over the UK, other parts of Europe and as far away as the USA to follow the 50 nautical mile course round the Isle of Wight. Nearly 200 prizes are awarded for the event, with boats of every shape and size competing to win individual class and overall trophies.

Round the Island Race - Map
The boats cross the start line at Cowes in eleven separate groups, starting every 10 minutes from 0530 until 0710 and heading in a westerly direction towards Yarmouth. The boats pass round the Needles Lighthouse, along the south-west coast of the Island to St. Catherine’s Point and then up across Sandown Bay to round the Bembridge Ledge Buoy. The fleet then makes its way either side of No Man’s Land Fort and across Osborne Bay to the finish line back at Cowes.

In recent years the Round the Island Race has become a popular challenge for sailors at all levels of experience and abilities, attracting classic yachts, as well as state-of-the-art, record-breaking greyhounds. For some of these sailors, this is their one race of the year and many use the event as a first taste of yacht racing. Entries come from all over the south and east coasts of England as well as from France, Belgium, Channel Islands and further afield. The event is reported in media across the world – from Brazil to Japan, Hungary to New Zealand.

Whether you compete regularly or are new to the sport, taking part in the Island Sailing Club’s Round the Island Race is a day to remember, sailing in one of the world’s largest sailing events in some of the best sailing waters!

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